18:00 - 21:00

CKK Jordanki, al. Solidarności 1-3
Teatrul Național „I. L. Caragiale” Bucureşti Bucharest/Romania

Radu Afrim offers a remix of a classic play, a hallucinating and highly topical revival of a story told hundreds of times before. His productions are given in a colourful, original, nonconformist, and provocative style with actors maintaining direct contact with the audience. Afrim’s Three Sisters is a powerful, original, and shocking performance which – like all his works – will take the viewers out of their comfort zone. Far from theatre productions in which the Russian spirit is rendered through clichés, the director proposes a surrealist vision of the story of the three sisters which is a mixture of the absurd, comic and grotesque but also of deep sensitivity, creating a universe – with obvious references to the present – which is well integrated into the world imagined by Chekhov over one
hundred years ago.


fot. Adi Bulboaca

Directing: Radu Afrim