Horzyca Theatre, big stage
The Bible. An Attempt
Horzyca Theatre, Polska

Biblical characters are looking for answers. They ask about the meaning of suffering, love, the future. Just like us who feel the world is sinking into darkness. We wander and look for light. How much will ethical principles be worth if the world as we know it falls apart? Where is the space where we can find our truth? Is it still possible to know the truth today, however, or are we only left with the words from the Book of Ecclesiastes: “Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity”?
Jernej Lorenci, the winner of the Grand Prix of the Kontakt 2016 International Theatre Festival, has directed a performance based on selected books of the Old Testament and the Apocalypse. The Bible. An Attempt offers a fresh insight into the questions people have been raising for thousands of years, especially when going through difficult times.

Live performance.
Wilam Horzyca Theatre, main auditorium, pl. Teatralny 1
Performance with audio description .


2nd June (Wednesday)

21.00 – meeting with the creators of „The Bible. An Attempt” (Horzyca Theatre, main stage)

Ticket prices

Regular ticket: 50zl.

Discount ticket: 40zl.

Running time: 2h (no interval)

Directed by: Jernej Lorenci