18:00 - 21:15

Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy, Plac Teatralny 1
Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy, Toruń/Poland

Nights and Days is a play about first and last love. Its impressive breadth and historical costumes are juxtaposed with today’s version of the story of Barbara and Bogumił saturated in pop culture references.

Marriage of convenience or unreciprocated love? Romance or death? The characters fight for happiness and fulfilment, but they also fight for two different visions for Poland. This story stretches between love and war, immersing us in a tale of ordinary people in extraordinary times.

The performance directed by Michał Siegoczyński is a reflection in a mirror of the
present day while remaining in dialogue with the original and its screen adaptations.


Fot. Wojtek Szabelski

Directing: Michał Siegoczyński