18:00 - 21:00

Teatr „Baj Pomorski”, ul. Piernikarska 9
Teatr na Zabradli, Prague/Czechia

In his adaptations of literary classics, Jan Mikulášek focuses on social mechanisms while presenting today’s portrait of a community contained in austere cramped performance spaces designed by Marek Cpin, a set designer who regularly collaborates with him. The Czech director builds spectacularly theatrical images, brushed up with pastiche, detached acting and surrealistic touches added to the main themes.

In Lost Illusions, Balzac’s characters are trapped in a claustrophobic room, delimitated by green curtains. It is home to the hypocritical world of the Parisian elite, which the provincial young poet Lucien Chardon wants to join at any cost. The protagonist, to his absolute horror, learns the price he must pay for his success.


fot. KIVA

Directing: Jan Mikulášek