Insulted. Belarus
Municipal Theatre, Gliwice/Poland

Insulted. Belarus resembles a dramatic chronicle, subjective, feverish, and highly emotional. It is a ‘raging’ account of the most recent events that took place just beyond our eastern border. We are confronted with authoritarian power hiding its true face behind the false front of quasi-democracy. On one side of the barricade, there is a ruthless despot, proficient in violating civil rights and liberties, while on the other, unfortunate people who, out of despair, rise to defend everything that makes a citizen out of a common man. Insulted. Belarus was specially produced for the Internet thus making it possible to be accessed by audiences in Belarus (bypassing Belarusian censorship) and by viewers across the globe.

Performance for viewers aged 16+

27th May (Thursday)
18.00 – – meeting with members of the creators of Insulted. Belarus, including the playwright Andriej Kurejczyk. The Meeting will be lead by Andriej Moskwin (transmitted on Facebook)

Recorded show available on the VOD platform
(vod.teatr.torun.pl – also with Russian subtitles) from 26.05., at 18:00. Access time: 24h

Running time: 1h 10


Directed by: Jerzy Jan Połoński

Text: Andriej Kurejczyk