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Nowy Teatr, Warsaw, Poland

And what is our project about? About nasty things happening in Poland and, more precisely, what happens to people from the LGBTQ + community there. And even more so – about how we react to them, when we are there and when we find ourselves in the thick of it all, seeing the events unfold on our computer screens. We, Europeans united by common values; about what remote emotional involvement and shared compassion might be. About playing with identity, reinventing the world as one of fairy tales and being able to accept it in the first place. Perhaps this is a metaphor for Europe or the EU. The universal language of Europe has such an awkward quality – as if it were a substitute for something. To get into it, you have to focus on the fact that it is not virtual. Our reality is opposite to that of the Matrix: there is a spoon. The spoon exists.
During the performance, everyone will be in their own flats – Adrian and Andjela in Zagreb, Claudia in Berlin (or in Dresden? I’ve lost track of where she’s staying), Tenzin in Stuttgart, Ewelina in Warsaw. There will only be one odd man out: Janek, who will be visiting Kobyłka, a place which is the closest ‘LGBT-free zone’ to Warsaw and is crucial for us here. (…) We’ve stopped asking ourselves what it is – a performance, a film, an event, a meeting …? What unites us here is time, action, and the Zoom space. So what we do might be called theatre after all. – Wojtek Ziemilski

Available free of charge: https://teatr.torun.pl/repertuar/ 
The performance was created as part of the European Ensemble project in co-production with: Schauspiel Stuttgart, Nowy Theatre, and Zagreb Youth Theatre (Zagrebačko kazalište mladih).

Running time: 1h

Directed by: Wojtek Ziemilski

Text: Wojtek Ziemilski