Eimuntas Nekrošius: Pushing the Horizon Further
Theatre and Film Information and Education Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

The film Eimuntas Nekrošius: Pushing the Horizon Further is a personal reflection of the author Audronis Liuga on the artistic path and personality of the legendary Lithuanian director. It was filmed during rehearsals of Boris Godunov, directed by Nekrošius at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre in Vilnius in 2015. It also uses an interview with the artist conducted in 2013, when Nekrošius was Artistic Director of Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza (Italy).
Eimuntas Nekrošius’s theatre is like Atlantis – it sinks with each disappearing work of the director. Atlantis is, of course, a metaphor representing not only his performances but also his artistic vision, attitude to creative work and the challenges he set for himself. “Everyone who has had the opportunity to work with Nekrošius is aware of the value of such a meeting and the consequences it brings,” says the filmmaker. This feature-length documentary, using the narration of Nekrošius himself, is a personal and extremely intimate glimpse into his creative process. It allows you a fresh look at the director as an artist and a person who pushes horizons with his work.

26th May (Wed)
22.00 –
meeting with the director of the movie (broadcasted on Facebook)

Film available free of charge
 VOD (vod.teatr.torun.pl) from 25.05. godz. 20.00 for 24h

Running time: 1h 30

Directed by: Audronis Liuga