Platforma VOD
Cloud Service
Residenztheater, Germany

Cloud Service is a glimpse behind the scenes of Die Wolken, die Vögel, der Reichtum by Thom Luz, based on motifs from Aristophanes. Thom Luz’s new play is about fleeting phenomena: luck, possession, knowledge, and confidence, incarnated in Aristophanes comedies The Clouds, The Birds and The Wealth. Because of the pandemic, the performance has been post-poned until better times. Wanting to give a foretaste of the performance and at the same time an insight into the work of its creators (in the unfavourable conditions when epidemiological safety and hygiene practices must be applied), the director of the film, Alexander Hector, accompanied them until the last days of rehearsals before the premiere date scheduled for January 2021. And so the Socrates think tank, in which the action takes place, opens its door and shows how the processes of cloud formation are going on the stage and beyond.

25th May (Tuesday)

17.30 – meeting with the creators of Cloud Service (transmitted on Facebook)

Available free of charge.
Film available on the VOD platform (vod.teatr.torun.pl) from 24.05., at 18:00. Access time 24h. Polish and English subtitles

Running time: 25 min

Directed by: Alexander Hector