Zoom Platform
100 times Lenz – An attempt
Residenztheater, Germany

The actress Lisa Stiegler reached her goal of performing the Lenz adaptation 50 times as a Zoom conference in February – and is still going on! She is increasing the number of perfor-mances up to 100 – with the hope of playing some of them live in the months ahead. Together with director Gernot Grünewald, she adapted Büchner’s novella fragment about the writer Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz in quest of meaning and thus completes the Büchner focus for this season. Started as a play for only one audience member before the ‘corona’ pandemic, since spring 2021 it has turned into a virtual chamber play. Five people are invited to join the performance live in the theatre dressing room via a Zoom conference call. You too are invited to switch on your camera and microphone and so be present as an essential part of the performance: the audience. In the following discussion you have the opportunity to exchange your experience with the actress.

25 May, 22:00
26 May, 21:00
28 May, 21:00
Available free of charge: https://teatr.torun.pl/repertuar/ 
Performance presented on the Zoom platform with Polish voiceover. It is possible (not required) to participate in the presentation with the computer camera and microphone on.
Running time: 45 min

Directed by: Gernot Grünewald

Text: Georg Büchner