Kino Centrum, Toruń
Orestes in Musul. Making-of
NTGent, Belgium

With Orestes in Mosul, Milo Rau made perhaps one of his most important works. The director takes Aeschylus’ Oresteia to Mosul, the first capital of the Islamic State’s ‘caliphate’. With an Iraqi and European cast, he intertwines the myth with current events thus protesting against the ongoing perpetuation of violence stemming from the impossible idea of rightful revenge. The documentary maker Daniel Demoustier followed Rau on two preparatory trips to Mosul resulting in Orestes in Mosul: The Making of
“Can a Greek tragedy help heal a scarred city?” is one of the questions which were fiercely debated in Mosul, just as some of the sensitive scenes in the play led to discussions between the Iraqi and the European actors as well as Milo Rau himself. The documentary also includes images of the performance itself, the rehearsal process in Mosul, interviews with actors and some local incidents.

29th May (Sat)

13.30 – Meeting with creators of „Orestes in Musul. Making-of”, including  Daniel Demoustier,the director (and  also the cinematographer of “Yellow…” by Luk Perceval)  (Kino Centrum CSW)

Film projected in Kino Centrum CSW. Toruń.
Polish subtitles

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Duration: 1h 15



Directed by: Daniel Demoustier