(CKK Jordanki, Al. Solidarności 1-3)

An intensive workshop in physical theatre which will consist of a series of physical exercises, movement and creative tasks as well as improvisations. The participants will concentrate on some basic concepts of modern dance and physical theatre (body, space, time) with special focus on the individual experience and awareness of each participant.


The workshop is intended for professional actors and dancers as well as people with dancing experience.


Please submit your applications to: (include the name of the workshop in the subject field)



The workshop will be conducted by Ivan Estegneev

 Ivan Estegneev – a choreographer and artistic director of the school and contemporary dance group Dialogue Dance and the artistic space Stantsya; he teaches in Kostroma and Moscow (Moscow International Film School and the Gogol School run by the Gogol Center theatre) and conducts drama-and-dance summer courses as part of the Territory festival in Moscow. As a choreographer he has collaborated with Grzegorz Jarzyna in staging Gombrowicz’s Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy (Theatre of the Nations, Moscow; TR Warszawa/Variety Theatre in Warsaw), G.E.N. (TR Warszawa), Two Swords (Beijing Propel Performing Arts & Media Co. and Shanghai Theater Academy; TR Warsaw).

Ivan Estegneev: I am interested in how each of us can become a guide in the study of the possibilities of one’s own body and its unique bodily freedom. To go beyond the boundaries of your actual shell, or to put it differently: beyond the boundaries of your ‘own skin’, using at the same time various layers of bodily means of expression.