List of readings:

May 20th,  15.00-16.30 – reading the play: “Mom” by Asya Woloshina + meeting with the author

Directed by: Filip Frątczak

A reading session organised by the “Plac Teatralny” Theatre Foundation with support from the Centre for Russian-Polish Dialogue and Understanding in Moscow, the Polish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and ZASP (Polish Association of Stage Actors), Bydgoszcz-Toruń Branch.

May 22nd, 15.00-16.30 – reading the play: “The Crucian carp” by Marina Dadichenko

(translated by Aneta Andrzejewska, Michał Kaproń, students of the Department of Slavonic Studies at UMK under the guidance of dr Monika Krajewska)

Directed by: Aleksandra Jakubczak

May 23rd, 15.00-16.30 – reading the play: “The Black Box” by Pavel Priazhko (translated by Tomasz Leszczyński)

May 24th, 15.00-17.00 – reading the play: “Utopia” Mikhail Durnienkov

Directed by: Maciej Wiktor

May 25th, 15.00-17.00 – reading the play: “The Sleeping Ones” by Marius Ivaškevičius

(translated by Tomasz Leszczyński + meeting with Marius Ivaškevičius and Mikhail Durnienkov – a playwright and artistic director of the Lyubimovka Young Playwrights Festival

Directed by: Joanna Grabowiecka

Project curator: Tomasz Leszczyński

Tomasz Leszczyński – director and translator who studied at the St Petersburg Theatre Academy. In his carrer so far he has directed over a dozen performances in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. He has worked as a coordinator (film co-productions with Russia and Ukraine) and in 2017 he became President of the Four dimensions are too Few for Us creative association. As the association’s president he co-produced the Polish-Belarussian music project – KINEMO, among others.