Open lesson
for a group of up to 30 people

Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin (Batsheva Dance Company, Tel Aviv, Israel).
It is about gaining self-awareness through your body and its involvement in all kinds of instinctive movement by adding flexibility and agility. Gaga classes are based on improvisations that stimulate imagination and creativity. The teacher performs the moves together with the students throughout the lesson, which helps them to draw inspiration from the way he/she moves and sometimes accompanying or meeting the teacher realizing that you find yourselves at the same stage in your explorations.
Gaga People classes are intended for students who have not gone through training in any dance technique but show interest in exploring their body movements and thus developing their psycho-motor skills. The classes are designed for participants over 16.

Admission: 10 zł

(CKK Jordanki, Al. Solidarności 1-3)


Please submit your applications to: (include the name of the workshop in the subject field)

The class will be conducted by Natalia Iwaniec

Natalia Iwaniec is the first certified Gaga teacher in Poland. She graduated in theatre studies from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and Studium Animatorów Kultury in Wrocław (major: dance).
She was introduced to Gaga by the Israeli choreographer Arkadi Zaides whom she met in Poznań in 2009. Since then she has participated in many Gaga workshops in Poland and abroad. In 2010 she moved to Tel Aviv to participate in daily Gaga classes. At the same time she took part in a workshop project for dancers in the Yasmeen Godder ensemble as the only participant from outside Israel. In 2011 she qualified for the pilot project: Gaga Teachers Training, where under the guidance of Ohad Naharin, dancers from the Batsheva Dance Company, and excellent Gaga teachers, she explored the techniques of this new ‘movement language’.
Since August 2012, she has been working as one of the very few Gaga teachers active in Europe.
She has conducted regular classes in London and at many festivals in Poland and elsewhere. Alongside her intense involvement in teaching Gaga, she has appeared on stage as a dancer, e.g. in performances shown at Resolution! 2013 held at The Place in London (Pieces of mosaic); at the Platforme InciDanse festival in Freiburg in 2013 (Hello Love). Natalia teaches Gaga and takes part in independent projects as a dancer in Poland and elsewhere.