To Grow up in Spring, a photo installation and a meeting with Georgia Krawiec

Two souls in one body – this is how one could briefly define the dual identity of the ‘protagonist’ of To Grow up in Spring. In this interactive Polish-German project, Georgia Krawiec tells a story of immigration. Using pinhole cameras, she has created a photo installation inviting the viewer to contemplate changes in the life of an immigrant. While given a chance to observe reality by alternating between the vantage points of her two, Polish and German, ‘versions’, the audience are invited to recite a nursery rhyme, consider changing their cultural affiliation, friends, language, cuisine, even their names, or to reflect on changes made to one’s value system resulting from immigration.

(Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, ul. Rabiańska 20)

Georgia Krawiec, a Polish and German artist committed to such issues as identity and the processes of ‘slowing down and passing away’, but also to the subject of the ubiquitous surveillance and monitoring of the individual and society. In her work she uses archaic photographic media like pinhole cameras, ‘luxography’ or such ‘noble’ processes as calotype and cyanotype. She then creates photographs, photo-collages, photographic ‘works’ and photo installations. An experimental approach, as well as hands-on experience and originality in photography, are of key importance to her. She builds her own cameras thus making sure of her direct involvement in the process of creating a photograph from the beginning to the end.

Georgia Krawiec was born in Poland but studied in Germany. She holds a degree in fine arts from the University of Siegen (Germany) (diploma under Jürgen Königs). She has cooperated with the Brauhausfotografie group, is a member of the Union of Polish Photographers (ZPAF) and SilesiaTopia, an initiative of women artists. She was among the organisers of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (Pinholeday) and is a member of the board of the Polish National Pinhole Photography Festival (OFFO). Since 2016 she has been a member of ep.contemporary in Berlin. Since 1993 she has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions, taught at the School of Photography run by the Union of Polish Art Photographers and at the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw. She writes articles (e.g. for the Goethe Institute, for Kwartalnik Fotografia/ Photography Quarterly, and Fototapety/ Photograph Wallpaper). She has also given lectures (e.g. in the National Museum in Warsaw, Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw and Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin), conducted photo workshops for refugees and at C / O Berlin (an exhibition space devoted to photography). She has been a jury member (including the Dolina kreatywna competition run by TVP2 (Polish public mainstream TV channel), a member of the portfolio review board at the Art Institute of Boston, USA and a member of the jury of the Pinhole World competition). She divides her private and professional time between Warsaw and Berlin.