24th International Theatre Festival Kontakt

“From East to West” – this is the slogan of this year’s edition of the International Theatre Festival Kontakt. It is related to the mechanism of cyclicity – not only in nature, history, theatre, but also in the very idea behind the festival, which started 28 years ago by showing performances from both east and west of Poland, thus creating a communication channel between these poles.

The fact that history is cyclical might be a depressing conclusion. Nowadays, we witness many worrying events which did much harm to the world in the past. Today, they are coming back uninhibited. Manipulative authorities and totalitarian tendencies are becoming more and more common both in the East and in the West. During the Festival, performances that are responses to these phenomena will be staged. Some of them will be frightening, others – grotesque and full of irony.

The process of traveling from the East to the West also relates to the contemporary diffusion of two cultural wealths – classicism and modernity. During this year’s festival, classical stories will be told in a modern, ironic and authorial way.

These days it is difficult to have theatre without the art of movement, dance, without the poetry of the body. Many performances staged during this year’s festival touch upon this topic. Starting from masters, such as Alain Platel and ending with Natalia Iwaniec – young, but already appreciated over the world, we will show an innovative and very diverse approach to using movement in theatre.

The festival will last from sunrise until sunset and even longer. Performances are accompanied by a rich programme of associated events. Artistic workshops, meetings with creative teams, performative readings, Gaga movement classes – these are only a part of the associated events.

The International Theatre Festival Kontakt means brave performances, such that will shake the audience out of their good mood and make them think about the modern world and its dangers that may affect all of us. Let us create a space of intelligent and creative meetings and conversations in Toruń – together.


24th International Theatre Festival Kontakt

May 19th–25th 2018