The idea behind the forum is to promote new Ukrainian drama to Polish audiences and Polish directors. In order to engage Polish theatre makers in future work on new Ukrainian plays, Kontakt festival organisers and the Ukrainian Institute extend a joint invitation to see three dra-matic scripts presented in the form of performative reading sessions followed by discussions on the theatrical potential of the texts and the subjects they cover. The stage reading sessions have been developed by three young Polish directors who are most open to new ideas and ready to breathe new life into Ukrainian drama in Poland. This event is a part of transmission. ua: drama on the move, a long-term programme developed by the Ukrainian Institute to sup-port translation, promotion, and production of modern Ukrainian drama in European countries. This event is a part of drama on the move, a long-term programme devel-oped by the Ukrainian Institute to support translation, promotion, and production of modern Ukrainian drama in European countries. (broadcast on FB TWH)

Event Partner: Ukrainian Institute


22.05 12.30pm
Pavlo Arje “Glory to the Heroes” (Слава героям),
trans. Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun, dir. Pamela Leończyk Comedy-drama.

Two stories of Ukraine. Two heroes on both sides of World War II (a Red Army soldier Andrij and the UPA/Ukrainian Insurgent Army militant Ostap) confront their arguments, or rather demonstrate their mutual contempt. There are also two young people (Hania – Ostap’s granddaughter and Petro – Andrij’s son), whose love is reminiscent of that of Romeo and Juliet. In his play Pavlo Arje has created a demoralizing world without respect. Nevertheless, there is a spark of hope – in the young.

22.05 7pm
M. Masha Vakula “Polar Explorers”,
trans. Anna Korzeniowska, dir. Joanna Grabowiecka

A polar station with a staff of two: he (Di) and she (Di). The characters find it impossible to be honest with each other. Each tries to maintain the relationship but on their own terms. He is lying to protect her. She keeps the game going, even though she is aware that their relation-ship is just an illusion. Polar Explorers offers an insight into the breakdown of inner life with the (Russo-Ukrainian) war in the background.

23.05 11am
Natalia Blok “Through the Skin” (Крізь шкіру),
trans. Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun, dir. Michał Kurkowski Monodrama.

An epidemic: people contract the KSC (Khaki Skin Colour) virus. Your skin looks like a military uniform. The symptoms are triggered by media information on armed conflicts. War is deeply embedded in people’s consciousness. Even cutting off the news does not help, and trying to cure the disease with peace does not work, either. War in Natalia Blok’s drama is a trauma-disease from which you cannot free yourself for the rest of your life.

The plays are included in the anthology “Współczesna dramaturgia ukraińska. Od A do Ja” (Contemporary Ukrainian Dramaturgy. From A to I), published by ADiT, Warsaw, 2018.

23.05 1pm
meeting after the stage reading sessions of Ukrainian dramatic scripts – discussion
(broadcast on FB TWH)