The 25th edition of the KONTAKT International Festival organised on the 30th anniversary it was established is held under the slogan “On the boundary”. The performances presented explore the boundaries of form, raise the questions of distance, connection and what can be deemed ‘borderline’. They also create a connection between the East and the West (broadly understood). 

The slogan “On the boundary” can be associated with a whole range of meanings: from geographic and political, through political, social and psychological, to purely artistic, including phenomena resulting from efforts made by theatre companies to keep creating art and stay in touch with their audiences during the isolation forced by the pandemic.    

  • Live performances:

Der SzturemCwiszyn / The Tempest. In between  Estera Rachel and Ida Kamińska Jewish Theatre/Warsaw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kaspar Hauser / Współczesny Theatre in Szczecin 

A Short Conversation with Death / Aleksander Fredro Theatre/Gniezno 

The Bible. An Attempt / Wilam Horzyca Theatre/Toruń 

  • Performances on the Zoom platform:

Call Cutta at Home / Rimini Protokoll/Berlin  

#FollowTheRabbit / Wilam Horzyca Theatre/Toruń  

Enter Full Screen / Nowy Theatre/ Warsaw   

100 times Lenz – An attempt / Residenztheater/Munich 

I don’t want to see this / Impresario Theatre Company/Moscow 


  • Online performances:

Temple du présent – Solo for an Octopus / Théâtre Vidy/ Lausanne   

Hinkemann / Zagreb Youth Theatre 

Insulted. Belarus / Municipal Theatre/Gliwice 

Yellow – The Sorrows of Belgium II: Rex / NTGent/Ghent        


  • Films online and in the Centrum Cinema

Cloud Service / Residenztheater/Munich 

I Am a Seagull/ The Chekhov Project/ProvidenceNew York 

Eimuntas Nekrošius: Pushing the Horizon Further / Theatre and Film Information and Education Centre/Vilnius 

Orestes in Mosul. Making-of / NTGent/Ghent 


  • Stage readings of dramatic scripts (Facebook broadcasts):

Forum on new Ukrainian drama 

Colm TóibínThe Testament of Mary – reading of the dramatic script combined with a workshop on the art of directing led by Piotr Kurzawa 


  • Other events:

the opening concert 

a photography exhibition 

meetings with the creative teams 

book launches 

activities designed and conducted by the ‘Young Theatre’ group