The third day is over!

The third day of the festival is over! We took part in the launch of the book Reżyserzy Kontaktu (Directors of Kontakt), watched the movie Mr Gaga, participated in the Conjunction workshops, and saw two festival performances.

The fourth day is ahead!

We are going to start with breakfast in front of the Theatre. At 11:00, we will talk about Polish-Lithuanian relations and inaugurate the playwriting workshops Independent 18-18. Later, at 15:00, we will move to Jordanki, where Marina Dadichenko’s The Crucian Carp will be read. We invite you to see The Secret Life of the Friedmans at 16:00, as well as to meet A Man from Podolsk at 20:00. Of course, you can expect to meet the creative teams of the performances afterwards.

NOTE: Meeting with the creative team of The Secret Life of the Friedmans will take place today at 23:15.

Do not forget to check out the gallery, where you will find photos of past events.