The fifth day of the festival is over. The sixth day is before us!

The fifth day of the festival is over!

Around noon, we listened to Stephen E. Wilmer’s lecture entitled The Role of German Theatre during the Refugee Crisis in 2015. Then, at Wozownia Art Gallery, we saw the exhibition To Grow up in Spring and talked with the author – Georgia Krawiec. In CKK Jordanki, we found out what was hidden in The Black Box, and what connects the East and the West.

Performances were focused on dance and choreography. Firstly, we have listened to Tango. Then, we learned the truth about modern dance from the perspective of a PR worker.

Today is the sixth day of the festival!

As always, we invite you to breakfast prepared by Wejściówka Café, which will start at 9:00. Starting at 10:00, at Jordanki, participants of physical theatre workshops will meet. Together with the 7×7 project we will go for a walk and look for artistic installations. At 15:00, we will come back to CKK Jordanki to listen to a performative reading of Utopia.

At 18:00, the performances start again! Today, we put on Requiem for L., Situation with Outstretched Arm, and Medea. Tickets are still available!

Take a look at the gallery and follow the Facebook event. Also, watch the video recaps closely. Maybe you will find yourself in one of them?

See you in the Theatre!