Festival emotions are still strong and we want more!

Yesterday, we took part in an important discussion: Polish-Lithuanian Relations from a Historical Perspective. The participants of the playwriting workshops Independent 18-18 are going to explore that topic further.

We also had the opportunity to participate in the performative reading session of Marina Dadichenko’s The Crucian Carp – another example of contemporary Russian drama.

The Secret Life of the Friedmans directed by Marcin Wierzchowski was the highlight of the day. A Man from Podolsk also garnered much enthusiasm from the audience.

Let’s meet today as well!

We are waiting for you at Plac Teatralny with breakfast. As for today’s events, Stephen E. Wilmer’s lecture about the role of German theatre during the refugee crisis in 2015 is surely going to be interesting. Also, check out the photo installation of Georgia Krawiec at Wozownia Art Gallery. Later, we encourage you to attend the performative reading session of the play The Black Box by Pavel Priazhko. Entry is free.

Two performances will be put on today: Tango produced by Wilam Horzyca Theatre and acted out with bravado, and Marusya – an intriguing performance by Dialogue Dance.

Do not forget about the workshops East + West. Free slots are still available!

See you!