The Festival continues!

What was going on yesterday?

We watched the TV performance Silent Night directed by Paweł Paszta. It depicts traumas rooted deep in society in a precise manner. We also took part in a performative reading session of Woloshina’s Mom in a moving rendition by Joanna Rozkosz. Apart from that, the creative team of Leonce and Lena hailing from Theater Basel in Switzerland took us on a trip to an oneiric, musical world, and the team from Maxim Gorky Theatre in Berlin went to Mars with us – the journey was ripe with humour and irony, yet, it did not lack moments of bitter reflection about the future of Europe.

We encourage you to see the installation Children write letters (in front of the entrance to TWH Small Stage), and to visit Wejściówka Café in order to take a look at Wojtek Szabelski’s photos.

What is going to happen today?

At 11:00, Natalia Iwaniec will run an open class of Gaga movement. An hour later, in Wejściówka Café, we will have an opportunity to talk about the latest issue of Litteraria Copernicana. At 13:00, we will see you at the Kino Centrum, where we will watch the movie Mr Gaga together. 13:00 is also the time when the Connector workshops start – all seniors are welcome.

The performances being put on today are: Reykjavík ’74 (directed by Katarzyna Kalwat) and Without a Dowry (directed by Dmitry Krymov)

We also invite you to meetings with creative teams, which will start at 21:00. Afterwards, we will see you at the festival clubs!

Let’s keep in contact!