Yellow – The Sorrows of Belgium II: Rex
NTGent, Belgium

In the trilogy The Sorrows of Belgium, Luk Perceval, director-in-residence at NTGent, zooms in on three dark chapters in Belgium’s past. In part two, Yellow, he looks back on the Flemish collaboration during World War II.
1933-1936. A young generation dreams of a new world order. From 1941 onwards, many of them join the Nazi ideology and go to the Eastern Front. Were they misled? Were they really that naive? Author and dramatist Peter van Kraaij introduces a Flemish family: Staf, a member of the Dietse Militia – Black Brigade and his wife Marije; their son Jef, a member of the Flemish Legion on the Eastern Front; their daughter Mie, a member of the Dietse Meisjesscharen (Girls’ section of the General Flemish National Youth Movement); Hubert, Staf’s brother, not involved in the collaboration; and Uncle Laurens, a priest and Marije’s brother. Their testimonies are intertwined with other voices. Among them: Channa, a young Jewish woman, and Aloysius, a soldier on the Eastern Front. Present too, responding to the call, are the Belgian Léon Degrelle, founder of the fascist movement Rex and active in the Walloon Legion, as well as Otto Skorzeny, an Austrian and decorated officer in the Waffen-SS. Yellow is a multilingual choir that evokes the grim zeitgeist of the 1930s.

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27th May (Thursday)
22.00 –
Meeting with Luk Perceval and creators of „Yellow…” (Zoom platform)

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Available on VOD (vod.teatr.torun.pl)
from 26.05. at 22.00. for 24h. Polish subtitles

Running time: 1h 50




Directed by: Luk Perceval

Text: Peter van Kraaij