May 22nd

16:00 - 19:00

20:00 - 23:00

TWH, Main Auditorium, Pl. Teatralny 1
The Secret Life of the Friedmans
Ludowy Theatre (Kraków/Poland)

Marcin Wierzchowski, Daniel Sołtysiński

The Secret Life of the Friedmans

This performance was inspired by the Oscar-nominated documentary of Andrzej Jarecki, Capturing the Friedmans.

The Secret Life of the Friedmans is a story based on facts. In 1998, the father of three children, Arnold Friedman and his 19-year-old son were convicted of child sexual abuse. Instead of leading to a specific conclusion, the director focuses on the tragic fate of the characters, showing the situations they found themselves in and the problems they had to face – the guilt, the inevitable divide within the family, the local community closing ranks against the culprits, and the father’s devotion to the son. The scenes are performed all over the theatre building so that the audience gets the change to have a look inside the Friedmans’ house, follow an interrogation, and witness a short part of a court hearing. They find themselves in the middle with the chance not only to observe but participate as well. They can assess and even influence the course of events.

The performance received the Grand Prix at the 10th Boska Komedia (Divine Comedy) Festival in Kraków, 2017.

Running time: 3 hours (without interval)

Performance for adult audiences


Photos by P. Sieraczyński

Directed by: Marcin Wierzchowski