Wilam Horzyca Theatre, main auditorium, pl. Teatralny 1
Kaspar Hauser
Współczesny Theatre in Szczecin, Poland

Based on the novel by Jacob Wassermann translated into Polish by Danuta Sochacka-Csató

The story of Kaspar Hauser (unconventionally told here in reverse order), a teenager deserted by his caretaker in the streets of Nuremberg and later nicknamed “the orphan of Europe”, shocked the Old Continent in the 19th century. He had been placed in a dark dungeon, passed from hand to hand like an object, taken home by subsequent bourgeois families only to be thrown out without remorse… A toy, an oddity, an object of study. Kaspar Hauser’s destiny was fulfilled in front of satiated and satisfied townspeople who suppressed the thought that the perpetrators of the crimes against Hauser were none other than themselves. The makers of the performance are trying to find in the story that happened 200 years ago a harbinger of the fate of millions of people living in the 20th and 21st centuries – refugees, victims of the system, stateless persons, whose number keeps rising.
Musicians Alex Freiheit and Piotr Buratyński (the SIKSA duo) appear on the stage as mem-bers of the acting team.

Live performance.
Wilam Horzyca Theatre, main auditorium,

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29 May (Saturday)
22.30 –
meeting with the creators of Kaspar Hauser (Wilam Horzyca Theatre, main auditorium)

Ticket prices

Regular ticket: 50zl.

Discount ticket: 40zl.

Running time: 2h 10 (including one interval)

Directed by: Jakub Skrzywanek