Zoom Platform
I don’t want to see this
Impresario Theatre Company, Moscow, Russia

Original title: Я не хочу это видеть

When we come across disturbing content on the Internet, we click the ‘report’ button to alert the site administrators, but what happens later with this content? Who decides its fate and what do they think about it?
I don’t want to see this is based on confidential Facebook training presentations leaked to the Guardian in 2017.
Viewers are invited to participate in an interactive training session, during which they play the role of content moderators who must make thousands of moral choices (which may be traumatic at times) every day, in accordance with the company’s strict guidelines.
During this one-hour show, topics that are dealt with by the moderators are discussed, e.g. What content is considered sexual? When is the threat real? When is the use of violence cru-cial to saving lives? And in general, how do we make a value judgment of what kind of images we should watch – as individuals and as a society – on social media and on websites? I don’t want to see this transforms the Zoom platform into digital theatre. The performance includes many interactive elements, such as voting, communication with the moderators, and sharing personal experiences in smaller groups.

Performance for viewers aged 18+

28 May (Friday)
17:30 – meeting with the creative team of I don’t want to see this (transmission on Facebook)

Available free of charge
Performance presented on the Zoom platform (with simulta-neous translation provided).
Participation with the computer microphone and camera on.

Running time: 1h 10min

Directed by: Feodor Elutine

Text: Lior Zalmanson, Maya Magnat