I Am a Seagull
The Chekhov Project, USA

I Am a Seagull follows a community of actors in their frenzied and loving attempt to stage a Chekhov play in their house, yard and neighborhood. I Am a Seagull is a hybrid documentary film that evokes celebrated American theatre collective, The Chekhov Project.
Like the project itself, the film I Am a Seagull dissolves boundaries between audience and performer, representation and reality. Life and rehearsal blend together in this portrait of The Project’s 2014 production of The Seagull. This beautiful film manages to capture the warmth, vitality and exuberance of Chekhov’s remarkable play. The visceral nature of the cinematography, the editing and the acting are magnificent. My experience of the film is reminiscent of my memories of the best of Bertolucci, Pasolini and Truffaut. I loved the way I Am a Seagull weaves together the characters and the themes. I enjoyed the ride thoroughly.


23 May (

20.00 – meeting with creators of I Am a Seagull (transmission on Facebook)


Available free of charge
Film available on the VOD platform (vod.teatr.torun.pl) from 22.05., at 21:00.
Access time 24h. Polish subtitles

Running time: 1h 35

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/370945123

Directed by: Brian Mertes