Zoom Platform
#FollowTheRabbit - PREMIERE
Wilam Horzyca Theatre, Poland

Alice must follow the rabbit to get out of a place which she finds hostile and return home. Sounds familiar? Not this time…
Alice is a twenty-something-year-old who has spent this year working remotely, while the Rabbit is a hacker who wants to convey his ideological manifesto to the world. When Alice wakes up trapped in a cell, she does not know how she got there or why she was kidnapped. However, she knows that the only way out of this trap is to play the game that the Rabbit has designed for her.
#FollowTheRabbit is an interactive performance evoking the atmosphere of room escape games. The viewers will help Alice escape, solve new puzzles with her, gradually discover the Rabbit’s secret plan and try to work out why Alice became a victim of the hacker.
At a time when much of life has moved online, #FollowTheRabbit touches on the current topic of our security, privacy and what we do in the digital space when no one can see us. And by breaking conventions, we mix truth with fiction. What are we left with is the hope that most of what we have discovered was only part of the performance … Was it really?
Production commissioned by the Kontakt festival.


22 May at 19:00
27 May at 18:00
28 May at 18:30
Performance presented on the Zoom platform.
It is possible (though not required) to participate in the presentation with the computer camera turned on. 27.05. performance interpreted into Polish sign language

Free of charge tickets available here: https://teatr.torun.pl/repertuar/ 

Running time: circa 75 min.


28 May (Friday), godz. 20.00

meeting with creators (transmission on Facebook)

Directed by: Wojciech Jaworski

Text: Marcin Kubawski

Set design: Jakub Drzastwa

The cast: Joanna Rozkosz and Matylda Podfilipska, Tomasz Mycan (recording)

Video: Waldemar Dziomba

Webdesign: Maciej Fleiszfreser

Inspicjent: Alicja Kostrzewska