Wilam Horzyca Theatre, small auditorium, pl. Teatralny 1
Der Szturem. Cwiszyn/The Tempest. In between
Ester Rachel and Ida Kamińska Jewish Theatre, Warsaw, Poland

Based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and material from the Ringelblum Archive

The Polish premiere of The Tempest in Yiddish took place at Folks un Jugnt-Teater in Łódź in 1938. In 1939 it was shown in Warsaw and was hailed a success of Jewish theatre in Poland both by Jewish and Polish critics, a success that inspired optimism and faith in a world equally shared by Poles and Jews, despite the increasingly anti-Semitic acts committed off stage and fascist movements growing in strength. The words of Caliban “Burn but his books (…) for without them he’s but a sot,” which in Schiller’s staging was a symbol of new barbarity, sound today like a harbinger of the Holocaust. After the horrors of World War II and the Shoah, the idea of showing Shakespeare in Yiddish was never again pushed forward in Poland. Today, eighty-two years after the Łódź premiere of The Tempest, we are wondering how it is going to reverberate in Poland divided by internal disputes. Will Yiddish become a ‘meta warning’ against the demons of history repeating itself?

Performance presented live in Yiddish with Polish subtitles.
Wilam Horzyca Theatre, small auditorium, pl. Teatralny 1

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29 May (Saturday)

18.20 – meeting with the creators of Der Szturem. Cwiszyn /The Tempest. In between (Wilam Horzyca Theatre, small auditorium, pl. Teatralny 1)

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Running Time: 1h 10


Directed by: Damian Josef Neć