18:00 - 19:30

Wilam Horzyca Theatre, big stage
A Short Conversation with Death
Aleksander Fredro Theatre, Gniezno, Polska

Based on Master Polycarp’s Conversation with Death by Mikolaj of Mierzyniec and A Brief Debate among Three Persons: A Nobleman, a Commune Head and a Priest by Mikolaj Rej

One of the few experiences that all human beings share is death. For centuries attempts have been made not only to supress and tame but also to cheat or outsmart him. That might have been done through conversation, also one conducted with the help of works of art. In his performance, Marcin Liber evokes two classical works of Old Polish literature, asking what the modern way of their functioning could be. How do we perceive the medieval danse macabre today? Does it scare us, or might laughter prove to be a proper reaction to the horrors of the past? Will irony emanating from the stage, evoked by the music played by the Nagrobki (Tombstones) band, help the audience overcome the fear of the inevitable? Without all that, this theatrical conversation with Death, which retrieves our long-term memories of the clas-sics of Old Polish literature, might end in failure.

Live performance.
Wilam Horzyca Theatre, main auditorium, pl. Teatralny 1

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31 May (Monday)

19.20 – meeting with the creators of A Short Conversation with Death (Wilam Horzyca Theatre, main auditorium, pl. Teatralny 1)


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Running time: 1h 30 (bez przerwy)

Directed by: Marcin Liber