May 22nd

21:00 - 22:40

TWH, Small Stage, Pl. Teatralny 1
A Man from Podolsk
Theatre.doc (Moscow/Russia)

Dmitry Danilov

A Man from Podolsk

An ordinary man who commutes every day from the Moscow suburbs into the city is detained by the police. Rather than be filled with admiration for prefabricated buildings, he loves Amsterdam. As usual it is not quite clear why. The local police officer gently but firmly explains to him that it is possible to see charm in any urban landscape. The absurdity of his arrest is shown with a great deal of dark humour in the interrogation scene. The detainee expects torture, humiliation and beatings but surprisingly enough the policemen begin to ask strange questions about his hometown, quote Vladimir Sorokin, then John Cage’s 4’33”, Malevich’s paintings, Noise Industrial and Einstürzende Neubauten. They teach him a special ‘brain dance’ and insist that difficult diphthongs are the best exercise for your mind. What exactly lies behind the idea of ‘patriotism’ that has now become the main source of military conflict? Are we faced with only one choice: to love our homeland no matter what, or not to love it at all?

Dmitry Danilov received the Golden Mask Award 2018 in the category “Best Playwright” for the play A Man from Podolsk.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes (without interval)


Photos by Ayzhan Zhakipbyekova

Directed by: Mikhail Ugarov