Dancing session

sMajl Potańc

May 19th, 22:00, square in front of TWH

Be in contact with culture! sMajl Potańc is a dancing session at the heart of which lay time-tested and effective ingredients of a ball. They connect generations, promote a sense of community and guarantee both meeting people and really good fun. The song and dance repertoire comes from the old traditions of Polish countryside, but it also takes inspiration from related cultures: Swedish, French and various other places in Europe. The plethora of traditional dance experiences will be found in partner dance, circle dance, the khorovod, both inside and outside, in Polish, Swedish, French, Portuguese and Breton. From co-dancers and co-musicians. Music will be performed by: Balsam and agregandado. Dances will be performed by the Toruń group n obrotów.

More info at: nobrotow.pl