Alongside the main program (performances and evening meetings with artists), the KONTAKT Festival is now hosting a new project: Kontakt Laboratory. A series of ‘stage readings’, exhibitions, installations, workshops and meetings, including those at the breakfast table, are designed to develop the Festival’s offer, increase the number of participants, make the Festival’s presence better known in Toruń, as well as improve its relations with partner institutions of culture and their audiences. Most of the events will be open to the public and free of charge, so visitors, local artists and residents, including children, students and members of the local theatre community, will be able to benefit from them. This year’s KONTAKT Festival will become an interdisciplinary theatre and performance event, bringing together those responsible for cultural activity as well as its patrons and supporters. All the activities come under the Festival’s slogan: FROM EAST TO WEST. In its main program KONTAKT returns to its origins: to the idea of theatre companies from Eastern and Western Europe meeting together.