The International Theatre Festival Kontakt 2018 begins today! Experience. Feel. Think. Discover.

The Festival begins today – 7 days of performances on the highest artistic level, performative reading of Russian drama, inspiring meetings with creative teams, artistic workshops, and the after-hours entertainment – joint breakfasts and evenings at the festival clubs.

Today, at 16:00, the opening performance will be put on: THE BIG SKY: from East to West, with choreography by Natalia Iwaniec. At 18:00, we will meet to watch Lokis – a fascinating multimedia performance about the power media have over our minds.

In the late evening, we invite you to meetings with creative teams:

21.30 – 22.00 – meeting with the creative team of Lokis.

22.00 – 22.30 – meeting with the creative team of THE BIG SKY: from East to West.

But wait, there is more! Meet us at a dancing party in front of Wilam Horzyca Theatre and at the festival clubs: Wejściówka Café, Pers, and Zezowate Szczęście.

Be with us! Let’s keep in contact!