Polish-Lithuanian playwriting workshops “Independent 18-18” – participants chosen.

We announce that a committee whose members are: Jolanta Janiczak (workshops instructor), Beata Banasik (Wilam Horzyca Theatre literary manager), Sandra Užule-Fons (historian, journalist), Paweł Paszta (Wilam Horzyca Theatre artistic director) and Tomasz Leszczyński (project curator) has chosen the following people to participate in the workshops after reading the submissions (listed alphabetically):


  1. Alicja Kobielarz
  2. Hubert Sulima
  3. Martyna Wawrzyniak


We invite the people who were chosen to participate in the first workshop session, which will take place in Toruń during the International Theatre Festival Kontakt 2018 (May 22nd–24th). Details will be sent to the winner by email.

We would like to add that making the choice was not easy. Most of the submissions was very substantive and on a high artistic level.

Thanks to everybody for their submissions and the time they devoted towards making them!